Weed & Plant I.D.

Displayed on this page are pictures of some common annual and perennial weeds and grasses as well as some plant and tree seedlings. Pictures will contain a common name for the weed or plant seedling as well as be followed with a designation. The designation will be as follows: A (Annual); P (Perennial); and S (plant/tree seedling). Be aware that perennial weeds and plant and tree seedlings are typically not covered under warranties.

Pulling weeds is perhaps the most annoying and ineffective chore that any homeowner has to confront. Especially in Arizona's desert climate, weeds can be a huge eyesore for homeowners as the weeds dramatically stand out from the common tan-colored landscaping. Even worse, when a business has landscaping overgrown with weeds, customers interpret this as an outward reflection of the business' product and service quality.

Spotted Spurge (A)

Common Purslane (A)

Bermuda Grass (P)